FAQ & Shipping Info


Q: Where are your products from?

A: Qualy is a brand that originated in Thailand, and its products are designed and manufactured in Thailand, hence its high quality and excellent product design. We are proud to be the only authorised distributor for Qualy in Singapore. For more information on Qualy, please click on the “About” page. For a list of our authorised retailers, please click on the “Contact” page.

Q: What is the quality like? 

A: Qualy products are sold all over the world, including European cities, and thus have passed stringent food safety  and quality tests, while imitation products may not be, in order to cut costs. Do look out for the Qualy logo, and the “made in Thailand” mark.

Q: What are your products made from?

A: Qualy products are made from 100% recyclable materials, and the plastics for kitchenware are food-grade. The paper used in the packaging is made from recycled paper.


Q: I clicked on “shop” but I was taken to another website?

A: Yes, you will be directed to Qualy Design Singapore’s official shop, mrphy.sg! Don’t worry, we’ll be on top of things, and mrphy is owned by the same company that runs Qualy Design Singapore.

Q: How do I order?

A: Select whatever item (you might have to select a colour first for some products), in the quantity that you want, and click “add to cart”. You can continue shopping, and click on the cart to view and amend your order when you’re done.

Q: Is there any way I can see your products first before I buy?

A: There are several ways! You can always view our products at any of our many physical authorised retailers; just check out our “Contact” page. Alternatively, you can make an appointment to visit us.

Q: The product I really like is out of stock! What do I do? 

A: Just send us a message via email or via the contact form in our “Contact” page. We might have a spare or two, or we can advise you on the estimated time of stock replenishment.

Q: I was overseas when I saw this Qualy product that I love but you don’t carry it. Is there any way you could bring it in for me?

A: Do let us know! If there is enough demand for it, we will be sure to bring it in during the next shipment!

Q: Do you do bulk orders?

A: Yes, please contact us for a quote for orders exceeding $2,000 in total amount.



Q: Just to check, the prices are in SGD right?

A: Right!


Q: Can I pay by Credit Card?

A: Yes. We accept major credit cards.


Q: I only see the “pay by PayPal” option. How can I select to pay by credit card?

A: The option is just below the PayPal dialog box, on the right of the order summary. See the screen shot below.

qualy design singapore on mrphy.sg home decor interior design



Q: Are there delivery charges?

A: Delivery for purchases totalling less than S$20 cost an introductory $5 flat fee. Purchases amounting to S$20 and above will be entitled to free delivery.


Q: How long does it take to ship?

A: We typically deliver between 2 to 5 business days (excluding weekends and public holidays).


Q: How does my Qualy product arrive?

A: We work with trustworthy logistics companies that to get your orders delivered straight to your doorstep.


Q: Can I collect my order myself?

A: Yes. Simply email us after you have made your purchase to make the request. You can collect from our warehouse on weekday afternoons after 2pm, by appointment only. We will give you a refund of the delivery charge, if any, on collection.


After-Sales Service

Q: What is your exchange policy?

A: If we made a mistake and shipped you the wrong item or a damaged item, we will send you a replacement. Otherwise, exchanges are allowed within seven days of purchase on condition that the received product is in its original condition and undamaged packaging.